I feel this is important to state again outside of the info section. When name gets changed replacement name, text dropdown and style all get changed. When Text dropdown is changed style is changed. If changes are made to one of these and aren't saved, the differences will be lost according to what changes in the list previously mentioned. So remember to keep saving.

Also with the styling added, be very careful when adding stuff to wordpress in the middle of or next to the interview. Since this is working with the html and wordpress does its own little thing to make sure the html is valid, if the changes confuse wordpress, it could start trying to remedy it and end up making things weird. Just make sure to be outside of a tag like <p></p> pair (or h1, h2 etc corresponding to all the "heading" options) and you should be fine. I try to make the output of the tool as wordpress valid as I can but its a crazy thing so be careful.

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Stage 1: Capitalize first letter user type? Replace Name?
Stage 1: Period before enter Capitalize each sentence (letter after a .)
Stage 1: Capital I
Stage 2: Neaten?
Stage 3: Apply Styling