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Versilian Studios has created a number of guides, mostly centered around game making and the program, 001 Game Maker. Below is a list of several of the available VS Guides; feel free to check them out!

Collaborative Game Development

Tired of trying to get a team going or frustrated with projects that just won't get done? Perhaps you just don't know enough about Collaborative Game Developing yet. Check out this guide for tips on how to build, manage, and lead a team to create a successful game including troubleshooting techniques and roadmaps for success. Never jump into a project blind again!

Check out the guide today on the 001 Tutorial section.

Effective Game Music

Game music comes in all shapes and sizes, be it orchestral or 8-bit or dubstep or whatever genre you want; short loops, long pieces, or even ambient pieces created completely by music cues within the game. Regardless, music is the one thing in games that always has a profound yet often unrecognized affect on the player. It is very important that the music you choose for your game fits the levels and creates a sense of continuity, motion, and emotion. This guide will walk you through the process of finding, selecting, adding, and working with music in the 001 Game Creator, as well as general advice for most other game making programs.

Check out the guide today on the 001 Tutorial section.

Other Tutorials

Check out my other tutorials on the 001 website. Topics include HUD design, fictional names, plot using the heroic epic, lighting in 001, elements of art, transparency, and an outdated tutorial on music.

In addition, we are also presently working hard on making our magna opus guide- A Guide to the Orchestra, a complete overview site about orchestral music, game scoring, music history, and more. Feel free to check out the blog (linked at the top) for regular updates on the progress of the site. When it is complete, it will be linked here.

A Guide to the Orchestra COMING SOON!


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