Interested in learning more about the theory that lies behind music? Ready to expand your toolbox and train your ear and mind to make the process of writing easier? Fascinated by the world of recording and sampling, but without any idea how to get going in it?

Through Versilian Studios and the Helios Philharmonia, a number of Newground's finest composers offer private lesson and tutoring opportunities via skype and e-mail regarding all matters music. Our team of composers and producers (meet them here) include several bi-lingual individuals, meaning we can provide you with lessons in English, French, Spanish, or German.

We offer affordable rates and regularly offer scholarship opportunities, as well as a number of free online resources, as many aspiring composers lack funds to engage in formal lessons.

We additionally offer in-person lessons, including lessons on any brass instrument (including irregular and historical instruments), to residents of the Boston, Mass. area.

If you are interested, please feel free to read our lesson policy here and drop us a line at contact [at] for additional information.

Private Lessons